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Capital Credits Unclaimed Funds List

North Central Electric Cooperative is attempting to locate the following people (or their heirs) who received service from the cooperative prior to 2018. Patronage capital refund checks were mailed to the following people listed, but the checks were returned to North Central Electric as undeliverable or were never cashed.

The cooperative is aware that many of the former members listed are deceased. However, we are looking for surviving family members who are eligible to receive the capital credtis check. Due to federal privacy regulations "Red Flag rules", the cooperative can only provide account information to the member, surviving spouse or a legally-documented fiduciary (executor or trustee). If this is the case, please forward your Letter of Authority and a photocopy of the death certificate to the cooperative's office.

North Central Electric Cooperative
Attn: Capital Credits
P.O. Box 475
Attica, OH 44807

If you need to update your address, please visit the "Change of Address" form to submit your information. All address change submissions must be in writing or sent electronically.

According to the cooperative's Code of Regulations, this list must be published twice. If the cooperative is not able to locate these people within 60 days of the second notice, the member will relinquish rights to the funds.



A B B A S Inc. Realty
A S Energy
A2Z Field Services LLC
AAT Communications
Abbott, Dick E.
Abshier, Michael J.
Acierno, Thomas C.
Acree, Robert
Adams, Cheryl
Adams, Estie
Adams, Jeffrey
Adams, Mary
Adams, Michael L.
Adams, Myrtle
Adams, R. S.
Adams, Rick
Adams, Sara
Adams, Sue A.
Adams, Virginia
Adelphia - 364
Adelphia Cable 
Adkins, Charles E.
Adkins, Willis
Affholder, Mary A.
Agerter, Janice
Agerter, Pheriba
Agerter, Rod A.
Agnew, Lyle W.
Ahlefeld, Arlene
Aiello, Lisa R.
Albright, Thomas
Alkire, David
Allamon, Ray E.
Allen, Gary
Allen, James C.
Allen, Jesse P.
Allgyre, Charles R.
Allgyre, James N.
Allgyre, Mark
Allison, Verlinda J.
Almasy, Jack
Alsept, Joseph
Alspach, Melvin
Alspach, Randy
Alspach, Robert
Alspach, Wayne
Alt, Patrick J.
Althauser, Michael T.
Althouse, Curtis
Altman, Mary
Altvater, Lorie A.
Alvada Construction
Alvarez, Ramon
Alvarez, Ramon F.
Amc Mortgageservice
Amert, W. G.
Ames, Kenneth
Amesquita, Jose II
Amicrelli, Nick R.
Amoco Oil C
Amos, John C.
Anderson, Arthur
Anderson, Brenda J.
Anderson, Denny F.
Anderson, James K.
Anderson, Linda K.
Anderson, Ronnie D.
Anderson, Ross
Angelbech, Dale
Ankney, Michael A.
Ankney, Sonja L.
Apple, Barbara A.
Applegate, Ray
Araguz, Simon Jr
Arbogast, Kevin M.
Archer, Benjamin P.
Archer, James R.
Arco, Pipe Line
Arebaugh, Lisa M.
Argabrite, Jerry L.
Argo, Janet L.
Armbruster, Lynn J.
Arms, Glen H.
Armstrong Circuit Inc.
Arnett, Susan
Arnold Family Farms Ltd.
Arp, David L.
Arthur, Daniel A.
Arthur, Roger E.
Artino, Thomas E.
Artner, Evelyn M.
Ash, Charles
Ash, Timothy J.
Ashworth, Robert E.
At&T Store#Ohk680
Aten, Robert C.
Athy, Sandra
Atkins, Bonnie
Auburn Baptist Church
Auburn Data Systems
Auck, Brittany
Auck, Donald E.
Auck, Joseph M.
Auck, Rachel A.
Auck, Ronald E.
August Mack Envrionmental
Ault, Alan
Aumend, Gail E.
Austermiller, Helen
Babb, Edwin
Babb, Karin L.
Babb, Patricia
Babb, Ronald
Babcock, Ronald S.
Babcock, Ted
Bach, Sheldon W.
Backus, Bernard
Badertscher, Michael J.
Bagent, Carol S.
Bagent, Donald Eii
Bagola, Frank
Bagola, Michele
Bahadar, Akbar
Bailes, Jack
Bailes, Ronald L.
Bailey, Carleen
Bailey, Jeff N.
Bailey, Larry B.
Bain, Gerald L.
Bain, Susan
Bair, Kimberly D.
Baker, Carl F.
Baker, Kenneth
Baker, Marilyn J.
Baker, Robert
Bakies, Rodney J.
Bakies, Roger
Baldosser Heritage Farms Llc
Baldosser, Tom
Baldridge, Lloyd
Baldwin, Robert
Ball, Alan E.
Ball, Garry L.
Ball, Irene
Ballard, Pamela S.
Balliet, Kurt R.
Balmer, Roger W.
Bammann, Bruce
Bank Union
Banks, Ronald L.
Barager, Douglas E.
Barber, Tara L.
Barber, William
Barchus, Amy
Bardon, Joseph D.
Bare, Larry
Barger, Danny J.
Barger, James S.
Barker, Ralph E.
Barker, Ronald J.
Barker, Ronnie J.
Barlow, Richard Aii
Barnes, Janet
Barnes, Martha
Barnes, Paul
Barnes, Peter
Barnes, William R.
Barnett, Carol A.
Barnett, Garry L.
Barnett, Harold D.
Barnett, Kurtis J.
Barnett, Mark
Barnett, Michael J.
Barnett, R B.
Barnett, Willard
Barnett, Yvonia L.
Barney, Elsie
Barnhart, Steven K.
Barr, Alan
Barraclough, Dale C.
Barrell, Richard
Barrick, Anita
Barrick, Joy W.
Barringer, Dan
Barringer, John K.
Barth, Donald L.
Barth, Jason
Barthalow, Linda L.
Bartl, Rosemary
Barton, Scott A.
Bastian, Irma L.
Batchman, Scott
Bates, Charles
Bates, Jan
Bateson, Terry L.
Bauer, David F.
Bauer, Robert
Bauer, Thomas
Baughman, Kenneth
Baum, William Cjr
Baumer, Raymond
Baur, Michael S.
Baxter, Setsuko
Beach, Calvin
Beach, Michael L.
Beal, Aaron W.
Beal, Edna M.
Beamer, Kyle K.
Beamer, Randall L.
Bean, Harold
Bean, Sara J.
Beard, Arthur L.
Beard, Freda
Beard, Patrick J.
Beasley, Glenna D.
Beaston, Linda S.
Beaston, Ronald H.
Bechberger, Clarice E.
Beck, Ernest
Beck, Eva L.
Beck, Howard D.
Beck, Ruth I.
Becker, John
Beckley, Gordia L.
Beckley, Todd S.
Bedi, Sunil
Beebe, Vickie L.
Beeker, Michael A.
Beekman, Vessie C.
Beema, Dianna
Beers, Deena J.
Begley, Clara
Behm, Don E.
Behrendt, Renee H.
Beier, Marlene
Bell, Jane M.
Bell, Linda J.
Bell, Matthew C.
Bella, Walter D.
Bemis, Michael J.
Bemis, Terry L.
Benavidez, Nelda
Bender, Tim
Bendle, Scott W.
Benecke, Arnold G.
Benner, Amy D.
Benner, Anna M.
Benner, Robyn
Benner, Sue
Benner, Thomas M.
Bennett, Julie G.
Bennett, Thomas A.
Bennington, Steven L.
Bennington, T E.
Benson, Scott E.
Bentz, Sherri
Berberick, Traci
Bercaw, Donald
Berendt, E. T.
Bergstrom, Stanley A.
Bergtold, Ted H.
Bernal, Bessie M.
Bernard, Judy
Berrier, Paul E.
Berry, Dottie
Berry, Julie
Berry, Sheila S.
Bertram, Michael
Bessken, Richard
Besskin, Richard
Best, Angie
Bethel, Billy J.
Bettsville, Nat T.
Bettsville, Nature T.
Betz, Julie M.
Beveridge, Earle
Bickel, Phyllis
Bickham, Douglas A.
Biddle, Michael A.
Biettner, Scott R.
Bilger, Brenda C.
Bilger, Michael
Biller, Andrew J.
Biller, Roger
Biller, Sheila M.
Billings, Daniel H.
Billings, Eric D.
Billings, Lance C.
Binger, Jason
Bingle, David
Binion, Roscoe
Bintz, Nicola
Birch, Donna J.
Birch, Stephen
Bisbee, David L.
Bishop, Brett A.
Bishop, Gary
Bishop, Jami
Bishop, Mark
Bishop, Mark T.
Bishop, Motors Inc.
Bishop, Rick A.
Black Iii, Charles A.
Black, Michael J.
Blackburn, Alan
Blackburn, Esther V.
Blackford, Kathryn
Blair, Craig
Blair, James H.
Blair, James Hii
Blair, Keith
Bland, Arthur D.
Bland, Donald
Blankenship, J W.
Blankenship, Lois
Blankenship, Rick
Blankenship, Robert
Blankenship, Tamara L.
Blaser, Kearra N.
Blasetzky, Denise
Blausey, Theodore J.
Blay, Robert
Blevins, Laverne K.
Blind, Lawrence
Bliss, William M.
Bloom, Dorlene D.
Bloom, Edward
Bloom, Helen
Bloom, Margaret
Bloom, Paul
Bloomfield, Betty
Bloomfield, Garland
Bloomfield, Larry
Blount, Charles II
Blue, Myron P.
Blum, Jane E.
Bly, Ronald W.
Bobo, Judy
Bodnar, Jon S.
Boes, Michael J.
Boes, Valerie J.
Bogner, Bobbie C.
Bogner, Robert C.
Bohanon, Cindy
Bohn Implement
Boice, Harold
Bolen, Elmer
Bolen, James
Bolen, Michael
Boles, Reggie
Bollinger, Paul E.
Bollinger, Russel W.
Bomer, Norma
Bond, David A.
Bond, Michael R.
Bonen, Doris I.
Bonnell, Aaron P.
Booher, Edward
Book, Edna M.
Borer, David M.
Borer, Faith
Borer, Jason D.
Borer, Paul D.
Borgelt, Vincent A.
Bostdorff, Kenneth E.
Bosworth, Ellen S.
Botdorf, Jerry
Boucher, Jon P.
Boudinot, Marjorie A.
Boudinot, P W.
Boulee, Lisa
Bouman, Raymond G.
Bowen, Grace
Bowen, John M.
Bowers, Gregory E.
Bowers, Kenneth
Bowers, Lisa
Bowers, Sean
Bowlander, Olga
Bowling, Arlie
Bowling, Juanita
Bowman, Frank E.
Bowman, Leslie H.
Box, Ronnie
Boyer, Anne
Bozarth, Yolanda
Bradford, D. F.
Bradley, Clyde
Bradley, Robin
Bradner Oil Co. Inc.
Bradrick, Donald A.
Bradshaw, Eva K.
Brady, Danny C.
Brady, Dustin S.
Brady, Kimberly
Brammer, Joseph S.
Branch, Tynesha L.
Brandt, Geneva R.
Brandt, Jenna M.
Branham, Jannette S.
Brauer, Susan M.
Brause, Barbara J.
Breech, Bridget K.
Breighner, Paul
Breighner, Paul D.
Bren, Robert
Brenamen, Pamela A.
Brenneman, Joshua G.
Brenneman, Spencer
Breuer, Philipp
Brewer, Kelly
Brewer, Kevin
Breyley, Lowell E.
Brian, Cory
Bricely, John
Brickner, Brad J.
Brickner, Dennis P.
Brickner, G. N.
Brickner, Mary C.
Brickner, Thomas
Bridinger, David E.
Bridinger, Richard W.
Briggs, Brady
Briggs, Louis A.
Brisbin, David
Brizzi, Vittorio
Broadwater, Michael R.
Brock, Kelly
Brock, Samuel
Brodman, Dennis
Brodman, Herman J
Brodman, Janet R.
Brodman, Jo A.
Brodman, Jo Ann
Brodman, Michael A.
Brogan, Kala L.
Brooker, Kathy
Brookes, Paul I.
Brookes, V. J.
Brooks, Marilyn G.
Brooks, Patrick S.
Brooks, Ramona S.
Brooks, Rebecca R.
Brose, Karen L.
Brose, Matthew A.
Broski, Carolyn S.
Brough, Jay
Brower, Clayton
Brown, Anthony C.
Brown, Betty J.
Brown, Bobby G.
Brown, Bonnie R.
Brown, Danielle L.
Brown, Darrell R.
Brown, David W.
Brown, Edith M.
Brown, Gary L.
Brown, Gregg F.
Brown, Heather R.
Brown, Irma
Brown, Jacob J.
Brown, James J.
Brown, Jennifer L.
Brown, Jerome
Brown, Joan
Brown, John
Brown, John D.
Brown, Jonathan E.
Brown, Keith W.
Brown, Lesley
Brown, Lindell
Brown, Louis T.
Brown, Michael D.
Brown, Michael L.
Brown, Michael R.
Brown, Misty N.
Brown, Robert W.
Brown, Robin
Brown, Rosetta D.
Brown, Walter Hsr
Brubach, Ben
Brubaker, Alnita M.
Brubaker, Arthur G.
Brubaker, Galen G.
Brubaker, John M.
Brubaker, Lester G.
Brubaker, Troy J.
Bryan, James W.
Bryant, Connie S.
Bryant, David S.
Bryant, Donnie R.
Bryant, Mark
Bryant, Mistical
Bryant, Scott A.
Buchanan, Stefanie M.
Buchko, Perry
Buck, Dorothy
Buckeye Steel Rule Die
Buckingham, Michael L JR
Buckingham, Michael L.
Buckley, James J.
Buckner, B J.
Buckner, Firman H.
Buckner, Gilbert L.
Buell, William
Bunag, Nestor
Bunch, George L.
Bunner, Cynthia D.
Burdge, Harry
Burgderfer, Gertrude I.
Burge, Heather M.
Burger, Daniel
Burger, Mabel
Burgess, James C.
Burgess, Keith R.
Burgess, Mike
Burke, William J.
Burkhalter, Richard
Burkhart, Rodney
Burks, Allen
Burlile, Mike A.
Burnett, Elaine S.
Burns, Alan P II+A503
Burns, Christi A.
Burns, Gerald A JR
Burns, Mary A.
Burris, Tina M.
Burroughs, Rick
Burwell, Edward
Bushey, Carl F.
Bushong, Lisa L.
Bushwack, Harry
Buskirk, Roger D.
Bustos, Roberto
Butler, Frank
Butler, Kenneth E II
Butler, Maggie
Butler, Marie
Butler, Steve
Butt, James E JR
Buzard, Nathan F.
Byrd, Jean
Byrne, Charles R.
Byrne, Gina
C Myers & Co Realty
Cain, Alice A.
Cain, Jack Ajr
Cain, Kristen
Calcamuggio, Lyle
Caldwell, Charles
Callahan, Charles S.
Callahan, Harriet C.
Callendar, Richard L.
Calloway, Brian C.
Calmes, Natalina J.
Camp Fire Boys & Girls
Campbell, Greg
Campbell, Linda
Campbell, Paul B.
Candel, Christo J.
Cano, Teodoro
Canode, Betty
Cardinal, Foods
Cardwell, William
Carey, Comer
Carey, Industries Inc.
Carl, William
Carlson, Linda S.
Carlson, Randy A.
Carmel, Dennis C.
Carn, Roger
Carnahan, William M.
Carolin, Sean M.
Carozza, Realty
Carpenter, Greg L.
Carr, Benjamin T.
Carr, Donald L II
Carr, Teresa
Carr, Wilbur
Carrick, C. K.
Carrick, Scott
Carroll, James R.
Carroll, Kenneth
Carroll, Timothy J.
Carson, Andrea L.
Carte, Kathy J.
Cartee, Thomas R.
Carter, George
Carter, Mary L.
Carter, Richard
Carter, Sam
Carter, Shelby J.
Carter, William
Carver, William R.
Cary, Faye A.
Cascaden, Christop
Cascaden, Mark A.
Case, Rose M.
Caserta, Renee S.
Casino, Cassandra M.
Caskets, Care
Cassady, Richard W.
Caster, Angela
Castillo, Camilo
Castillo, Sherri
Castle, James
Castle, Roberta
Casto, Jerry W.
Cattell, Scott A.
Caudill, John D.
Caudill, Mary E.
Caudill, Wesley D.
Cavalier, Joanne
Cavey, Francine
Cazad, Raymond M.
Central Transport
Cessna, Dale F.
Cessna, Fred
Chaffee, Wayne M.
Chaffin, Kenneth C.
Chagnon, Danielle M.
Chagnon, Scott A.
Chaialee, Salong
Chamberlain, Ronald J.
Chamberlain, Sheri
Chambers, Jeffery R.
Chance, Nicole L.
Chandler, Patty
Chapman, Christophc
Chapman, Daniel F.
Chapman, Douglas H.
Chapman, Richard
Chapman, Robert G.
Charles, Chris
Charles, Lindy
Chatfield, Curtis A.
Chavez, Stephanie
Cheney, James C.
Cherry, Karen S.
Chesnutte, William L.
Chester, Kathryn
Childress, Martin T.
Chiow, Larry G.
Christian, Eugene A.
Christian, Richard
Christman, Willard
Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
Church, Deborah K.
Citi Financial
Cityside Mgmt Corp
Clabaugh, Ted H.
Clady, Rick A.
Clagett, J. D.
Clapp, Stacey R.
Clark, Chelsea
Clark, Georgia M.
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Mary I.
Clark, Phyllis S.
Clark, Richard O.
Clark, Robert A.
Clark, Willard
Class, Claude
Claus, William
Clay, Donald W.
Clay, Gregory J.
Clay, Sherry
Claypool, Verna M.
Cleary, Michael
Clevenger, Charles J.
Clever, David
Clevinger, Ron
Click, Jessica R.
Clifton, Lynette
Clinard, Larry E.
Cline, Wendy A.
Clinger, Dorotha
Clingman, Todd
Clouse, Andrew J.
Clouse, Charles M.Jr
Clouse, Holly
Clouse, James A.
Clouse, Mary A.
Clouter, Brad
Clunk, Richard E.
Clutter, Daniel T.
Cobb, Harold E.
Cobb, Philip E.
Cochran, Brian S.
Cochran, James E.
Cochran, Mark
Cochran, Walt
Cofer, Marc A.
Coffman, Kina L.
Coffman, Steven R.
Coldiron, Charles
Coldiron, Gary
Coldiron, Tim
Cole, Dale
Cole, Dustin
Cole, Elvis
Cole, Gary Sr
Cole, James W.
Cole, Jimmy D.
Cole, Kathryn
Cole, Maria A.
Cole, Marie E.
Cole, Sylvia S.
Coleman, Glenna S.
Coleman, Jeffery L.
Coleman, Jessica
Colgate, Ray
Collene, Melissa L.
Collier, Barbara
Collins, Azrah L.
Collins, Gary
Collins, James E.
Collins, James F.
Collins, John
Collins, Kenneth
Collins, Luetta
Collins, Marcus D.
Collins, Mark
Collins, Suzan L.
Collins, Therese
Collins, William
Collinsworth, Tressa R.
Columbus Oilfield Explor
Colvin, James E JR
Colvin, Vera L.
Colwell, Ada M.
Combs, Jason A.
Combs, Lewis JR
Combs, Ronnie L.
Comer, Herman B JR
Comiskey, Jim
Communication Infrastructure Co.
Conish, Mark
Conkel, William
Conley, Bryan D.
Conley, Charles
Conley, Greg
Conley, Jenny L.
Conley, Jerri A.
Conley, Jon
Conley, Macy M.
Conley, Sherman Jr
Conner, Coleen
Conner, Gary W.
Conner, Tonya L.
Connor, Alice L.
Conol, Mario L.
Conrad, Patricia M.
Conrail Mcsa 8
Contemplative Sisters
Continental Estates Inc.
Contreras, Ricardo
Cook, Alice
Cook, Geneva S.
Cook, James W.
Cook, Kyle R.
Cook, Michelle R.
Cook, Pamela
Cook, Phyllis
Cook, Richard D.
Cook, Robert S.
Cook, Ronald D.
Cook, Thomas E.
Cook, Troy
Cooke, Mary
Cool, Mildred
Cooley, Richard
Cooley, Stephanie
Coon, Karen
Coons, Douglas
Coons, Norma C.
Cooper, David
Cooper, Linda S.
Cooper, Scott
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, V. P.
Copper, Robert
Coppes, Beth A.
Coppler, Jean A.
Coppus, Daniel P.
Coppus, Gary L.
Coppus, James K.
Coppus, Monica A.
Corbin, David B.
Corbin, Eugene E.
Corbin, F. E.
Corfman, Brian E.
Corfman, Cari
Corfman, Craig M.
Corfman, Randy E.
Cornett, Heather M.
Cornett, Marsha
Cornett, Patrick J.
Corthell, Gregory K.
Corwin, Alena L.
Costello, Matthew S.
Cottingham, Donald
Cottrill, David
Couch, Danny L.
Couch, Ruth E.
Country Star Coop
Courtad, Christina L.
Cover, Delmar N.
Cover, June
Cover, Todd W.
Covey, Cheryl
Cox, Charles
Cox, Jack
Cox, Robert N.
Crabtree, Brett E.
Crabtree, Krystal L.
Crabtree, Lowell T.
Craig, J. S.
Craley, Phillip
Crall, Charles
Crall, Norman
Cramer, Alita
Cramer, Diana E.
Cramer, Donald L.
Cramer, Ed
Cramer, George JR
Cramer, George W.
Cramer, Louis J.
Cramer, Wilmer
Cranberry Protective Game Assn
Crandall, Mervin P.
Crates, Dorothy M.
Crates, Ronald E JR
Craun, Mary A.
Crawford Twp Farms LLC
Crawford, Debra
Crawford, John
Creamer, Carl
Cree, Daniel
Crews, Meredith A.
Crispen, Laurel F.
Crist, James W.
Criswell, Dale E.
Criswell, Lacie Y.
Critchet, Dallas
Crokie, Gabriel Jr
Croom, James H.
Cross, Anna M.
Cross, Daniel
Crowe, Larry L.
Csx, Real P.
Cuevas, Pedro
Cullison, Thomas V.
Culp, Candis
Cummings, Levi G.
Cummings, Michael
Cummings, Stacy J.
Cummings, William A JR
Cummins, Pearl
Cundiff, Jane
Curl, John E.
Curtis, Donna
Curtis, Garry D.
Custom, Farm S.
Czeczeli, Carol A.
Daiber, Cletus O.
Daiello, Edward
Daiello, Edward JR
Dailey, Helen
Dailey, Joel B.
Daiss, Michael A.
Dales, Gregory
Dallas, Kimberly A.
Dallas, Logan S.
Dalton, James P.
Dalton, Travis
Dames, James P.
Damschroder, John
Dander, David A.
Daniel, Allan
Daniel, Christopher E.
Daniel, E.
Daniel, Gerard E.
Daniel, Larry L.
Daniel, Sue A.
Daniel, Thomas E.
Daniel, Timothy E.
Daniels, Frances I.
Daniels, John A.
Daniels, Paul A.
Danner, Heidi R.
Danner, Marcia
Darling, Michael K.
Darr, Anthony
Darr, Ruth L.
Dasher, Michael D.
Daughenbaugh, Carol
Davidson, David
Davidson, Edward T.
Davidson, Hailey E.
Davidson, Kathryn S.
Davidson, Rodney
Davis, Carolyn I.
Davis, Charles G.
Davis, Darrell
Davis, Duane E.
Davis, Faron R.
Davis, Faye M.
Davis, Forrest
Davis, Gerald
Davis, Lida M.
Davis, William D.
Day, Dennis G.
Dayringer, Ruth
Deal, Kimberly A.
Deamicis, Chris M.
Dean, Allen
Dean, Robert L.
Dearsman, Ovid N.
Debolt, Dodge G.
Decker, Daniel
Decker, Diane
Decker, Donna I.
Decker, Ethel
Decker, Orville
Deel, Margie I.
Degollado, Kathi
Degroat, Keith
Dehring, Mark
Dejean, Jon
Dejean, Wanda
Del, Campo Fresh
Delagarza, Albert
Delameter, Bill
Delaney, Eleanor J.
Delaney, Rodney
Delisle, Gary M.
Dell, Joyce A.
Dell, William N.
Dellinger, James C.
Dellinger, James L.
Demery, Dejah
Dendinger, Richard
Deng, Mark
Dennis, Anna C.
Dennison, Bart S.
Dennison, Vicki L.
Denny, Debra A.
Depinet, David
Depinet, James
Depinet, Joshua J.
Depinet, Theresa
Depner, Randall
Deppen, Maria L.
Deters, Shannon M.
Detillion, Paul
Detillion, Tom H.
Detterman, Marjorie
D'Ettorre, Joseph
Deuble, Robert
Deuble, Shana L.
Devanna, Connie A.
Devanna, Paul
Devault, Ken E.
Devault, Mark
Dewald, Pauline
Dewiel, Grace I.
Dewiel, Leo W.
Dials, Brad
Diaz, Lisa
Dible, Douglas E.
Dible, Kimberly S.
Dible, Melony
Dick, Robert A.
Dicks, Aaron J.
Diczhazy, Susan
Didion, Matthew D.
Diebert, Jerry
Dieter, Shannon R.
Digby, Theresa A.
Dille, Cy
Dille, Cyrus W.
Dille, Robert A.
Dillman, Michelle A.
Dion, Steven E.
Distel, Jeff
Dix, Robert Rjr
Dix, Robert Rsr
Dixon, James T.
Dobbins, Timothy M.
Doepker, Tina
Dolch, Bradley
Dolch, Randal C.
Dolinger, James R.
Doll, Milton
Donaldson, Doris E.
Donaldson, Robert
Donegan, Richard L.
Donnelly, Barbara J.
Donnersbach, Janice
Donnersbach, Phillip A.
Doran, Raymond
Doran, Richard L.
Doran, Richard T.
Dorbin, Cheryl
Dorsey, Paul
Doty, David D.
Doughtery, Harry L.
Douglas, Alice
Douglas, Anthony
Douglas, Chad T.
Dow, Mark
Downey, Judy
Downs, Dorothy
Dozier, Eddie
Dragon, Alice
Drake, Kimberly S.
Drake, Larry
Draper, Casey D II
Drifmeyer, Gregory G.
Drosky, Matt D.
Drown, Raymond
Druckenmiller, Jeff
Drummond, Lincoln
Dryfuse, Gerald V.
Dubois, James E.
Dubois, Karla
Dubois, Susie
Dueble, Greg
Dull, Dan
Dumonte, Ryan L.
Duncan, Christine
Duncan, Craig M.
Dunfee, Mark
Dunham, Daniel P.
Dunham, Julie
Dunkel, Daniel
Dunlap, Beth A.
Dunlap, Brian D.
Dunn, David M.
Dunn, Donald A.
Dunn, Donna K.
Dunn, Joan
Durbin, Frederi
Durigg, Ramon
Durkin, Melinda R.
Durnwald, Brooke A.
Durr, Jerrod D.
Durr, Roger L.
Durst, Dana
Durst, Kenneth A.
Durst, Royce
Dutchtown Inn
Dye, Verl Wjr
Dyer, Charity L.
Dyer, John T.
Dyer, Sherman
Dyer, Thomas J JR
E, & E Endeavors LLC
Eads, David L.
Ealey, Sue
Earl, Alice E.
Eastman, Dennis
Eastman, Gary L.
Ebata, Owen
Eberle, John E.
Ebert, Richard V.
Eckstein, Catherine
Eckstein, David
Eckstein, David P.
Eckstein, Donald J.
Eckstein, Jerry D.
Eckstein, Lola M.
Eddington, Barbara L.
Eddington, Kenneth
Eddy, Brett
Eden Chapel United Methodist
Edgington, Robert E.
Edgington, Sean R.
Edwards, Corinna
Edwards, Gary F.
Edwards, Mike
Edwards, William T.
Ehresman, Richard M.
Ehrman, Anthony R.
Ehrman, Sharon K.
Ehrman, Wayne
Eidt, Faith A.
Eidt, James C.
Eidt, Timothy
Ekleberry, Donald K.
Elarton, Robert
Elazom, Diane
Elchert, Ann M.
Elchert, Anthony
Elchert, Freda M.
Elchert, James L.
Elchert, John
Elchert, Lucas M.
Elchert, Michael A.
Elchert, Tina M.
Elder, Robert D.
Eldridge, Connie
Eley, Ryan E.
Eley, Sara
Elliott, Jenny E.
Elliott, Joseph A.
Ellis, Christine E.
Ellis, Katherine B.
Ellis, Kimberlee D.
Ellison, Betty
Ellison, Helen K.
Elsass, Jeremy
Emahiser, Brenda M.
Emahiser, Dennis E.
Emahiser, Kenneth
Emick, Louis
Emmer, Kathy M.
Emrich, Judith K.
Enderle, Brant
Enders, Katherine
Enders, Zachary M.
Endicott, Steve T.
England, Brenda K.
England, Larry
England, Willis E JR
English, Marcus W.
Ensr Consultin
Environmental Network&
Erickson, Jeff
Ernsberger, Daniel J.
Esayas, Shirley N.
Esselman, Margaret
Estep, David
Estep, Kimberly
Et Electric Company, LLC
Eufracio, Antonio
Eufracio, Hector
Eufracio, Heliodoro
Eulett, Nancy
Evans, Ashley
Evans, David
Evans, Jean
Evans, Paul
Evans, Rebecca
Evans, Tina L.
Evans, Vern
Everhart, Francis
Everhart, Pearl M.
Evert, Michael J.
Executive Turn Key
Eyer, Jennifer L.
F & M Video
Faber, Carol L.
Faber, Dorothy
Faber, E. J.
Faber, Mitzi
Fadley, Robert
Failor, Michael
Fair, Raymond F.
Fairchild, Brook L.
Family, Broadcast
Farley, Rebecca L.
Farr, James A.
Farrell, Richard J.
Fate, James B.
Faunce, Troy E.
Fawcett, Sharon K.
Fawley, Chris
Fearing, Gregory S.
Feasel, Charles R III
Feasel, Charles R JR
Feasel, Jeremy A.
Feasel, Marion
Feasel, W W.
Featheringill, Beatrice
Featheringill, Brian
Featheringill, Jared D.
Featheringill, Kenneth
Feathers, Paul
Federal Aviation Adm
Fee, James D.
Feeman, Clarence
Fegley, Irene
Feindel, Esther M.
Fellers, Brian
Fellers, Lynn D.
Felter, Angela M.
Fenner, Joseph L.
Fenton, Matthew L.
Ferguson, Charlie
Ferguson, Eldon
Ferguson, Marlon R.
Ferguson, Rachel L.
Ferkel, Rick
Ferner, David J.
Ferree, Doris
Fetter, Jack R.
Fetterman, Carolyn L.
Fetterman, James
Fickel, Deloris
Fields, Ashley N.
Fifth Third Bank
Fike, Larry C.
Fike, Mitchell A.
Fillhart, Mark
Fillhart, Tamara J.
Fillhart, Wilbur
Fisher, Clifford
Fisher, Elsie L.
Fisher, Jess
Fisher, Jessica L.
Fisher, Ralph
Fisher, Richard G.
Fissel, Adam G.
Fissel, Alec
Fitch, Birgus L.
Fitch, Garland
Fitzgerald, James P.
Fitzpatrick-Shaw, Elizabeth
Flanagan, Betty
Flanagan, Mike
Flanders, Angela M.
Flechtner, Robert S.
Fleming, Nathan J.
Fleming, Sheila K.
Fletcher, David P.
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, Sandra A.
Flicker, John A.
Flood, Diana
Flood, Frances F.
Flores, Carlos M.
Flores, Francisco JR
Floriana, Jeffrey L.
Focht, Donald
Foley, James
Foley, James E.
Folk, Mary M.
Folk, Vernon
Foltz, Terri
Foos, Caitlin D.
Forbess, Kirsten R.
Ford, Robert J.
Ford, Robin W.
Foreman, Michael L.
Forman, Deloris
Forney, Jake
Forrest, George L.
Forsyth, Alice
Foster, Carolyn
Foster, Donald
Foster, Donald E.
Foster, Gary
Foster, Howard W.
Foster, Kim
Foster, Wayne A.
Fostoria Country Club
Fostoria Mobile Est Inc.
Fourtner, Anthony
Fowler, Leo J.
Fox, Brenda K.
Fox, Bridget R.
Fox, Michelle L.
Fox, Rachelle A.
Fox, Robert D JR
Fox, Sabrina J.
Fox, Sean C.
Fox, Susan K.
Frakes, William F.
Fraley, Brian E.
Fraley, Michael D.
Fralick, William R.
France, Delmer
France, Jessica A.
Franco, Frank D.
Frankart, Jan D.
Frankart, Margaret
Franklin, Arthur E.
Franklin, Bill
Franklin, Chad A.
Franks, Justin
Frantz, Robert D.
Fraver, Theresa
Frazee, Phyllis
Frazier, Harley E.
Frazier, Steve E.
Frederick, Brian
Frederick, Jerry L.
Frederick, Rich T.
Fredritz, Christine I.
Fredritz, Daryl J.
Fredritz, Matthew L.
Fredritz, Roger
Freeman, Gladys M.
Freeman, Jennifer M.
Freeze, Ty
Freidner, Charles
Fretz, Douglas J.
Freundner, John D.
Frey, Daniel H.
Friddle, James L.
Friend, Barbara A.
Friend, Terry
Frisby, Brenda
Frissora, John
Fritz, Orrin
Fritz, Steven
Froelich, Andrew J.
Frontier Vision - 367
Frost, Louise
Frost, Nathan A.
Fruth, George E.
Fruth, Stephen W.
Fruth, Vincent A.
Fry, Christina
Fry, David L.
Fry, Homer M.
Fry, Ida M.
Fry, Jason
Fry, Walter M.
Frye, Kevin W.
Frye, Max A.
Frye, Steve W.
Fuchs, John
Fuerstenau, Annette
Fugitt, Jessica K.
Fulmer, Susan L.
Fulton, Brandy M.
Fulton, Joseph R.
Fulton, Rodney D.
Fulton, Thomas
Fultz, William R.
Funk, Frank K.
Funk, Joyce E.
Funk, Kathryn
Funkhouser, Richard N.
Gaietto, Diana
Gaietto, Mary A.
Gaither, Kim
Galitza, Jason T.
Gallagher, Danny
Gallegos, Ralph
Galvin, Justine J.
Ganzhorn, Nate M.
Garcia, Connie
Garcia, Joe
Garcia, Joe P.
Garcia, Reynaldo L SR
Gardner, Dale R.
Gardner, Glenn A.
Garlock, Raymond E.
Garner, Kenneth
Garner, Mary C.
Garner, Sheila E.
Garrard, Burnis
Garrett, Sandra
Garvin, Gregory L.
Garza, Melinda
Garza, Scott A.
Gase, Robert J.
Gaskin, Joel
Gaskins, Raymond J.
Gearhart, Erica
Gearhart, Jason R.
Gearhart, Loretta
Gearheart, Jamie L.
Gebauer, Dan
Gebhart, Kenneth
Geho, Mark A.
Geiger, Jason D.
Geiger, Mark
Geise, Elizabeth A.
Geiser, Lydia D.
Geiser, Rachel
Geissman, Brett A.
Gen Tel Company Of Ohio
General Communications LLC
Gensler, Edward L.
Gentry, Steven S.
Gerber, Ruth
Gerhardstein, Arnold
Gerhardstein, Brandi J.
Gerhardstein, Dustin R.
Gernert, Kim J.
Gernovich, Alex
Gerstenberger, Barbara J.
Gerstenberger, David
Gerstenberger, Evelyn
Gerstenberger, Evelyn R.
Geyman, Roger D.
Gibbs, Karen
Gibbs, Karen F.
Gibbs, Michael
Gibson, Darvin
Gibson, Keith E.
Gibson, Mildred F.
Gibson, Shirley R.
Gier, Jamie M.
Giesige, Timothy J.
Gifford, Colleen M.
Gifford, Lisa
Gilbertsen, George
Gile, Anna M.
Giles, James R.
Gillen, Mark
Gillen, William T.
Gilliland, Gerald L.
Gilliland, Ralph R.
Gillmor, Jennifer L.
Ginnever, Amber R.
Gipson, Danny
Gittinger, Norman
Gledhill, Jeffrey E.
Glendening, Oma A.
Gochenour, Cliff
Godbout, Louise
Goddard, Murphy & Co
Goeller, Todd
Golden, Gary A.
Goldsberry, Chris T.
Goldsmith, Joseph W.
Gongwer, Michael
Gonzalez, Alejandro M.
Gooch, Robert C.
Good, Dorothy N.
Good, Roger
Goodhall, Elena
Goodin, Stewart
Gooding, James B.
Gooding, Jeffrey W.
Goodman, Chad
Goodman, Helen R.
Goon Jr, Frederick A.
Goon, Frederick
Gordon, Patrick
Gore, Tanya M.
Gorsuch, Ryan
Gosche, Gerald
Goshe, Clara L.
Goshe, Harold J.
Goshe, Herman
Goshe, Patrick J.
Gosser, Heidi L.
Gosser, Kevin P.
Gossman, Martha
Gottfried, Eric
Gottfried, Jeffrey W.
Gottfried, Tom
Graber, Alfred L.
Grabow, Tammy A.
Grabowski, Jamie
Gracia, Melissa
Grady, Hobart M.
Graham, Audrey
Graves, Kristi R.
Gray, Donald D.
Gray, James
Green Point Credit
Green Tree Servicing
Green, Charles D SR
Green, Donna M.
Green, John D.
Green, Ronnie M.
Green, Virgie
Green, Wilbur A.
Greene, Bonnie
Greene, Kenneth
Greene, Ronald E.
Greenich, David
Greeno, Susan K.
Greenwald, Albert Mrs.
Greenwald, Deleliah
Greenwald, George J.
Gregg, Alan
Gregg, Joel C.
Gregory, Jamey G.
Gregory, Raymond E SR
Greiner, Mark A.
Gressman, John A.
Gretzinger, Charles E.
Griffin, Ann
Griffin, Brandi K.
Griffin, Bruce A.
Griffin, Daniel
Griffin, Donna
Griffith, Edwin
Griffiths, Ruth A.
Griffy, Flora A.
Grimm, Edward
Grine, David A.
Grine, Jeffery S.
Grosjean, Jeffrey A.
Gross, Robert Ejr
Grossman, Karissa M.
Grove, David A.
Grove, Donald
Grove, Jack W.
Grove, Lois A.
Grove, Scott A.
Grover, John M.
Grover, Robert
Groves, Jill E.
Groves, Ricky L.
Groves, Velma
Grubel, Linda K.
Grunden, John
Grundtisch, D L.
Gruss, Matt J.
Guernsey, Tim SR
Gulick, William
Gum, Rhonda
Gumm, Russell F.
Gunder, Frankie J.
Gunder, Jeremy
Gunderman, Harvey C.
Gurney, Thomas
Gurney, Thomas W.
Gustafson, Patricia J.
Gwirtz, Helena S.
Gwirtz, Howard E.
H & H Manufacturing Ltd+A1435
Haar, Dennis R.
Haar, Troy L.
Hablitzel, Gary
Hackenburg, Lia M.
Hacker, Jason W.
Hackney, Thomas E.
Hackworth, Larry
Hackworth, Robert
Haferd, Dennis
Haferd, Dennis N.
Haffa, Amy M.
Hagen, Gary
Hagen, Gary L.
Hagerman, Roger
Hahn, Loria
Hahn, Thomas E.
Haigh, Thomas
Hainline, Ashley N.
Hale, Dennis Sr
Hale, Kathleen L.
Hale, Lacy L.
Hale, Mark W.
Hale, Myrtle J.
Hall, April
Hall, Brett
Hall, Cleadis
Hall, Elizabeth A.
Hall, Hazel M.
Hall, James G.
Hall, Krissie M.
Hall, Matthew J.
Hall, Melinda R.
Hall, Melvin S.
Hall, Michael W.
Hall, Randall
Hall, Rickey
Hamblin, Joanne
Hamer, Patrick C.
Hamilton, Darrell R.
Hamilton, Sarah D.
Hammer, Carl
Hammer, Frederick D.
Hammer, Julia A.
Hammer, M B.
Hammer, Mildred T.
Hammer, Richard G.
Hampshire, Cortnie M.
Hamrick, Marjean Z.
Hanes, Mary E.
Hannel, J L.
Hannigan, Robert L.
Hannum, Ray
Hansen, Theodore
Hanson, Raymond L JR
Hanson, Raymond SR
Happner, Carmela
Harants, George A.
Harbaugh, Charlene A.
Hardman, Lisa L.
Hardymon, Michelle
Harigle, John A.
Harmon, Daisy
Harmon, Roger
Harnish, James
Harper, Richard A.
Harrington, Luke M.
Harris, J W.
Harris, Jeffrey S.
Harris, Scott A.
Harris, William B.
Harrison, Austin J.
Harrison, Brian R.
Harrison, Chris
Harrison, Scott E.
Harrison, Tara S.
Hart, Connie
Hart, Michael J.
Hart, Stephen M.
Hart, William N.
Hartenfeld, Jon
Hartley, Douglas A.
Hartley, Perry L.
Hartman, David B.
Hartman, Jennifer A.
Hartman, Tim
Hartsock, Brian J.
Hasselbach, Roy L.
Hatch, Ed
Hatcher, Mark
Hatfield, Charles
Hatfield, Robert S.
Hathaway, George B.
Hatlay, Gary
Hatton, Billy
Haubert, Gregory
Haubert, Kevin L.
Haupt, Stanley D.
Hawk, Harry Jr
Hawk, Mary L.
Hawkins, Geneva
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, Vickie A.
Hawley, Joan
Hawley, Vance D.
Hay, Edith L.
Hay, Gordon Jr
Hayden, Mary L.
Hayes, Beatrice
Hayman, Jenni R.
Hayman, Michael
Hayman, Stanley
Haynes, Brenda L.
Haynes, Earl
Haynes, Richard A.
Hays, Dolores
Hayslip, Paul A.
Hayward, Carrie L.
Hayward-Wruck, Melodee C.
Heater, Richard
Heath, Samuel A JR
Heath, Wilson C.
Heavens Hwy Comm Church
Heck, Dalton
Heck, Terry
Hecker, John
Heckler, Adam P.
Hedges, Elizabeth M.
Hedges, Theresa C.
Hedrick, John
Heffelfinger, William A.
Heffner, Margery E.
Heichel, Richard
Heilman, Dale B.
Heimbaugh, Richard A JR
Heimert, Travis G.
Heinlen, Daniel G.
Heinlen, Raymond E.
Heinsman, Realty
Heiser, L. E.
Heiserman, Brad A.
Heishman, Wayne T.
Heising, Raymond C.
Heisler, William C.
Helman, Joanne
Helms, Edith
Helms, Thomas E.
Help U Sell Realty
Heminger, Jerry K.
Hemminger, Andy R.
Hemminger, Paul
Hench, Allan
Henderson, Mitchell
Hendricks, Betty J.
Hendricks, Lynn
Henney, Betty
Henry, Kelly D.
Hensley, Tammy J.
Henson, Barbara
Hepler, Charles JR
Herge, Nancy J.
Hermiller, Anthony K.
Hernandez, Diamantin
Hernandez, Joe
Hernandez, Michael
Hernandez, Rafael JR
Herrera, Guadalupe
Herrera, Hazael
Hershner, Leigh M.
Hess, Brenda S.
Hess, John K JR
Hessey, B E.
Hessey, Kevin
Hessey, Kevin A.
Hessey, Lee
Hessler, Harold L.
Hesson, John
Hetlin, Christoph
Hetrick, Clayton
Hetzel, Lowell
Heydinger, Adam G.
Heydinger, Stephen M.
Heyman, Christine E.
Hickam, Cheryl
Hickle, Eugene W.
Hickle, Mark A.
Hickman, Stephen G.
Hicks Jr, Douglas W.
Hicks, Danny L.
Hicks, Julie
Hicks, Luther
Hicks, Matthew J.
Hicks, Phillip J.
Hicks, Ruben
Hieber, G T.
Higginbotham, John
Higginbotham, Rita A.
Higgins, Christopher
Higgins, Matt R.
High, Janet
Highlander, Robin M.
Hiler, Jerry
Hiler, Ronald
Hilkens, Susan
Hilkens, William
Hill, Alan
Hill, Brandi R.
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Gary
Hill, Gerald R.
Hill, Glen
Hill, Jennifer M.
Hill, Justin L.
Hill, Kilene F.
Hill, Mardell M.
Hill, Melvin W JR
Hill, Robert
Hill, Shirley
Hill, Stacy A.
Hillabrand, Dan L.
Hillyer, Hank
Hinebaugh, Gary
Hines, Angela
Hines, James
Hines, R W.
Hines, Rosemary Y.
Hinkle, Eugene
Hinklin, Kim
Hites, Cathy A.
Hites, Jeff
Hites, Robert B.
Hmj, Holdings
Hnatow, Joseph A.
Hockenberger, Paul
Hockenberry, Grant
Hockley, Chad
Hoefs, Alisa S.
Hoerig, Donna
Hoerig, William E.
Hoffbauer, Daniel J.
Hoffbauer, Paul J JR
Hoffer, Shelly M.
Hoffert, Patricia A.
Hoffert, William C.
Hoffman, Mark L.
Hoffman, Michael E JR
Hoffmann, Russlan D.
Hoffmann, Susan D.
Hofmann, Eunice
Hogan, Paul S.
Hogan, Robin D.
Hohman, Francis E.
Hohman, Roy
Hohman, Roy R.
Hohman, Timothy J.
Holbrook, Deborah J.
Holbrook, Delta D.
Holbrook, John L.
Holdcraft, Janis L.
Holden, C. M.
Holeman, Janet S.
Holland, Kimberley S.
Holley, Debra S.
Holloway, Virgil R.
Holm, Steven G.
Holman, Cordelia T.
Holman, Daniel J.
Holman, Douglas E.
Holman, Eric R.
Holman, Gary
Holman, Jack R.
Holman, Shirley A.
Holman, Virgilia A.
Holmer, Agnes
Holmer, Bernadine M.
Holmer, Carl
Holmer, John
Holmer, Marvin
Holmer, Norbert
Holt, Alice
Holt, Sharon L.
Holycross, Michael
Homesly, Jeremy D.
Honaker, Elbert
Honaker, William
Honsberger, Philip F.
Hood, Jason R.
Hoot, Gregory A.
Hoover, Courtland
Hoover, Dale
Hoover, David
Hoover, Marie
Hoover, Max C.
Hoover, Victor A.
Hoppers, M H.
Hoppes, Jeff
Hopple, Betty L.
Hopple, George
Hopple, Nikki
Hopple, Tiffany
Horan, Thomas R.
Hord, Ronald L.
Horn, Catherine
Horn, L. T.
Hornberger, David G.
Horner, Jane D.
Horrell, Hugh A.
Horvath, Daniel
Hosler, Beverly A.
Hossler, Brian
Hossler, D M.
Hossler, Donald R.
Hossler, Mary
Hostetter, Tami L.
Hotelling, Darrell
Hotelling, Rick
Houdeshell, Thomas R.
Hough, James H.
Houk, Richard
House, And A Prayer LLC
House, Brian H.
House, Olen J.
Houston, Douglas
Houston, Pamela
Hout, Casey L.
Hovis, John
Howard, David
Howard, Harvey
Howard, Penny L.
Howard, Randy
Howard, Tim R.
Howell, Eva M.
Howell, Stanlee
Howell, Tracy D.
Howlett, Quentin C.
Hoy, James E.
Hoy, Virgil E.
Hoyda, Tom
Hubbard, Manda A.
Hubbard, William R.
Hudson, Brian L.
Hudson, William A.
Huff, Gary
Huff, Jamie
Huff, Mike
Huffman, Beverly
Huffman, Donna J.
Huffman, Louis
Huffman, Michael
Huffman, Terri
Huggins, James E.
Huggins, Rosemarie
Hughes, Catherine M.
Hughes, Donald P.
Hughes, Doug
Hughes, Karen C.
Hughes, Mary J.
Hulse, Lisa A.
Humphrey, Thelma
Hunker, Alicia
Hunt, Gale
Hunt, Randall
Hunter, Jerry
Hunter, Michael
Hunter, Richard B.
Hunter, Sam Jr
Hunter, Steven K.
Huntsman, Kenneth R.
Hurst, Edna
Hush, Phyllis J.
Hushour, Lyn
Hushour, Sandra
Huth, Ann
Huth, Robert G.
Huth, Troy J.
Hyer, Rick
Hylton, Larry R.
Ickes, Daniel L.
Ickes, Larry L.
Ickes, Rose M.
Imler, Robert
Indianbrook Golf Club LLC
Intelekey Corporati
Ireland, Vonda R.
Irey, Keith E.
Iron, Spring Golf
Irving, Joseph
Irwin, Sharon A.
Isaac, Cynthia R.
Isaac, Dwana F.
Isaac, Freddy
Isaac, Freddy D.
It Corporation
Izzo, Brenda
Jack, Bradley R.
Jackson, Cathryn A.
Jackson, Curtis D.
Jackson, Kathleen M.
Jackson, Marilyn
Jackson, Peter J.
Jackson, Sarah A.
Jacob, J H.
Jacobs, Daniel
Jacobs, Jennifer L.
Jacobs, Lori
Jacobs, Luanne
Jacoby, John E.
Jacoby, Stacy J.
Jakcsy, Martin L.
James, Earnest
James, Paul
James, Roger
Jarrett, Benjamin M.
Jarvis, Roy G.
Jayes, Timothy M.
Jenkins, Amanda L.
Jenkins, Margaret A.
Jenne, Matthew
Jennings, James
Jewell, Carl
Jewell, Charles R.
Jewett, Julia
Johns, Linda D.
Johnson, Brian K.
Johnson, Christal S.
Johnson, Daniel R.
Johnson, Diana R.
Johnson, Edith
Johnson, Freeman R.
Johnson, Gerald A.
Johnson, Goldie
Johnson, Jennifer
Johnson, John
Johnson, Judy
Johnson, Nate
Johnson, Randa G.
Johnson, Robert A.
Johnson, Shannon
Johnson, Shirley
Johnson, Tim
Johnson, Vicki
Johnson, William C.
Joice, James R.
Jones, Christophd
Jones, Don W.
Jones, Elizabeth A.
Jones, Florence E.
Jones, Fred L.
Jones, Jim D.
Jones, Kelly S.
Jones, Linda F.
Jones, Michael S.
Jones, Noble
Jones, Roger W.
Jones, Willard
Jones, William B.
Jordan, Carly A.
Joseph, June J.
Joseph, Kristen R.
Joseph, Steven R.
Jr, Franklin Gibson
Jr, Henderson Hacker
Juarez, Eugenia
Juarez, Martin
Jurrus, Duane E.
Justice, Edgar
Justice, Thomas R.
Jw, Hauling
Kaczmarek, Kimberly A.
Kagy, Alyce M.
Kagy, Rod
Kail, Donald
Kail, Donald T.
Kail, Ryan J.
Kaiser, Bobbie J.
Kalb, Ruth
Kamk LLC
Kanney, David
Kanney, Valerie
Kapelka, Patrick C.
Kapelka, Thomas J.
Kaple, Frances I.
Kaple, James
Kaple, John Fiii
Kaple, Paul
Karcher, Bryon A.
Karcher, Eric T.
Karcher, Kenneth
Karl, Adam J.
Karl, Arthur H.
Karl, Becky L.
Karl, William J.
Kaser, Dave
Katzenmeyer, Jerry L.
Kauffman, Donald
Kauffman, Paul M.
Kaviak, Jeffrey A.
Kays, June M.
Kear, Herman
Keaton, Carla M.
Keaton, Donald J.
Keaton, Jack
Keaton, Kristina M.
Keaton, Robert
Keaton, Robert L.
Keefe, Erick T.
Keefer, Herbert J.
Keegan, Hillary S.
Keener, Leona G.
Keesee, Russell
Kehres, Michael
Kehres, Ruth A.
Keim, Richard E.
Keiser, Todd M.
Kelbley, Charles J.
Kelbley, Dorothy B.
Kelbley, Jeffrey R.
Keller, Dale A.
Keller, E Janice
Keller, E. J.
Keller, June
Keller, Norbert
Keller, R W.
Keller, Richard L.
Keller, Sharon
Kelley, James
Kelley, Jessica M.
Kelley, Victor
Kelly, Lloyd
Kemerley, Gerald
Kemp, Joe
Kemp, Joseph T SR
Kendall, William
Kendra, Jeffrey S.
Kendrick, Wanda
Kennedy, Thomas G.
Kenyon, Kevin
Kepler, Betty J.
Kerlin, Kenneth
Kern, Jack
Kern, Mike
Kern, Monica R.
Keros, John
Kessler, Andrew
Kessler, Dennis
Kessler, Gabriel E.
Kessler, Geraldine
Kessler, Joy R.
Kessler, Justin L.
Kessler, Michele M.
Kessler, Raymond A.
Kessler, Sharon
Keszeg, Keith A.
Key, John D.
Khamhaeng, Term
Kheune, Walter F.
Kidwell, Lisa L.
Kidwell, Wayne S.
Kieffer, Ashley M.
Kieffer, Carl
Kieffer, Michael
Kieffer, William
Kieffer, William F.
Kies, Ronald
Kiesel, Alvin J JR
Kiesel, David
Kiesel, James D.
Kilgore, Larry D.
Killen, Wayne
Killinger, Donald R SR
Kimmel, Gertrude
Kimmel, Kenneth
Kimmel, Ronald P.
Kimmet, Carolyn
Kimmet, Colleen
Kimmet, Edward
Kimmet, Leonard
Kimmet, Luke S.
Kimmet, Michael J.
Kimmet, Oliver
Kimmet, Todd M.
Kin, Thomas N.
King, Cindy L.
King, Danielle R.
King, Kelly J.
King, Marion
King, Melissa
King, Myrtle L.
King, Sara
King, Sharon
King, William M JR
Kingseed, Gary A.
Kinley, Melissa A.
Kinn, Harold
Kinn, Helen J.
Kinn, Robert
Kinn, Rose A.
Kinney, Conley T.
Kinney, Darcy
Kinney, Eugene Iv
Kipps, Larry
Kirby, Minor
Kirchner, Janis M.
Kirian, Denny
Kirian, Gerald J.
Kirkendall, Russel A.
Kirkpatrick, Ryan P.
Kitkowski, George H.
Klaiss, Marjorie M.
Klein, Raymond C.
Kleinhoffer, Earl
Kleman, Louis F.
Kline, Charles
Klingshirn, Russell A.
Kloepfer, Frederick
Klopp, Michael
Knapp, Dennis
Knapp, H. R.
Knecht, Mary B.
Knepper, Mike C.
Knisely, Melissa D.
Knoll, Gary A.
Koch, Larry M.
Kochel, Robin
Kocher, Ronald E.
Kochheiser, Eugene
Koehl, Howard J.
Koehler, Bettyl
Koehler, Jeffrey D.
Koepfer, Eileen
Kofol, Robbie S.
Kohl, Travis T.
Kohlenberg, Guy A.
Kohlenberg, Lance W.
Kollar, Robert
Kollat, Karl J.
Konst, Ronald R.
Konwiczk, Michael
Koselke, Carl S.
Koser, Donald F.
Kotnik, David J.
Kovacs, Gary
Krabill, Elvern
Kraft, Gary
Kraft, Kevin J.
Kramer, Dwight D.
Kramer, Robert C.
Krause, Mary R.
Krebs, Rick
Kreh, Brenda M.
Kreh, Christine
Kreh, David
Kress, Eugene J.
Kretsinger, Darl E.
Kretsinger, Marsha
KRG P'Ship
Krisha, Maryanne
Kromenacker, James
Krouse, Deborah V.
Krumm, Richard F JR
Krupp, Earl
Kryder, Anthony
Kubasek, V L.
Kuehne, W P.
Kuenzli, Paul
Kuhlman, Marilyn
Kuhn, Debi K.
Kuhn, Dustin P.
Kuhn, James
Kuhn, Jodi
Kuhn, Julie A.
Kuhn, Roselyn J.
Kummerer Family Farm, LLC
Kummerer, Audrey
Kummerer, Brian T.
Kuntz, Harold A.
Kyler, Bros Services
Lacey, James
Lacourse, Deann M.
Lacourse, Michael B.
Lacy, Elizabeth
Lacy, Geanell
Lacy, Larry J.
Ladd, Jean M.
Laferty, Curtis
Laird, Scott M.
Lamb, David A.
Lambright, Randy L.
Lamvermeyer, Dustin
Landoll, Bret J.
Landoll, Terry M.
Landrum, Marilyn K.
Lang, Connie E.
Lang, Steven L.
Lange, Alan
Lantz, Donald
Lantz, Michael S.
Large, Brenda L.
Larick, C R.
Laroche, Donna
Larrigan, Patrick
Larue, Jeff
Lasch, Joel
Laser, Eddie M.
Laub, Kenneth J.
Lauck, Kelly K.
Laughbaum, Ramon L JR
Laugherty, Jennifer R.
Laughlin, Morris R.
Lauinger, Deborah J.
Law, Donald H.
Law, Robert B.
Law, Rosa M.
Lawhon & Associates, Inc.
Lawhun, Jennie R.
Lawhun, Stanley
Lawrence, Alvin E.
Lawrence, Dennis D.
Lawrence, Ruby
Lawrence, William A.
Lawson, Joann M.
Lawson, Mark J.
Layer, Patrick K.
Lb Tower Co Llc Attn:B Hancock
Leal, Vicky
Lear, Stephen
Leaser, Eric S.
Leber, Shawn J.
Lee, Laura
Lee, Renae M.
Lee, Robert M.
Lee, Susan R.
Lee, Terry
Leeth, Johanna M.
Leeth, Kyle F.
Legg, Edward H.
Legion, American
Legron, Marijane
Legron, Richard Ajr
Lehman, M I.
Leibengood, Matthew C.
Leibengood, Ruth
Leibengood, Thomas J.
Leifheit, John
Leindecker, Brian E.
Leiter, Chad R.
Leiter, Russell
Lemay, Robert J.
Lemons, Michael G.
Lemons, Noel C.
Lennhoff, Benjamen
Lentz, Larry
Lenz, Debora
Leonard, Anthony
Lepley, Jeffery A II
Lester, Joyce
Lester, Nichole A.
Levans, Norbert C.
Lewallen, Evelyn
Lewallen, Fred
Lewinski, Sue
Lewis, Barbara A.
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, George R.